Which country invests most in Cryptocurrency?

Ongoing research is showing that most developing and well-established countries are on the top of being interested in investing into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and the digital market is progressively attaining momentum with growing trends worldwide. Here is the most investment happening. US investors gained most while India for example ranked pretty low.

At the moment, countries like Japan and the United States are topping the rankings for accepting and implementing cryptocurrencies.

The rise in 2020 of Bitcoin has minted scores of crypto millionaires, and the study shows that US investors have benefited the most, followed by Chinese traders who gained $1.1 billion.

The report also noted that the number of countries, appeared to be punching above their weight in Bitcoin investment as compared to their rankings in traditional economic metrics.

India, which has the fifth-largest economy with a GDP of $2.9 trillion, ranked only 18th in Bitcoin investment gains at $241 million, according to Chainalysis. Reason for that might be, that the Indian government was planning a blanket ban on cryptocurrency.

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