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How mining with Crypto Supply works

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What do we offer?

We are your experts for high professional mining of cryptocurrencies.

Every Project is individual and has different budgets.
Our experts will support you in your questions in
finding the right setting in your concept with the
best and most profitable mining solution. 

We recommend a first personal appointment via Zoom to discuss your thoughts and your project.

Building a unique mining-concept for you is free of any charge

Your options in cooperating with us


You can bring us your mining-device and

we host it for you in one of our datacenters

under best conditions and cheap electricity.


We organize your wished hardware for mining,
set up everything to make the process for you 
as easy as possible so that you don’t have any 
hassle to coordinate everything.

Our Supportteam will support in every question very quick!

If you ask yourself if we are a legit partner, then check out our references below

or chat with our community and convince yourself

What's the difference to all other providers?

We are hardware-experts with years of experience in the miningmarket.
We talk the truth and no bullshit like other mining-hardware suppliers!

We recommend as a first step a free consultation for you to get to know whats important
for you and what are your plans so that we can offer you a concept and the most profitable
way for you to start or expand your miningoperations.

A lot of the Mininghardware suppliers just want to sell their products in bulk orders with
their margins – so you are only a number at other suppliers for Mininghardware.

Other suppliers will not talk about the trust with you when there are also high risks because
for example a hardfork is coming or any other parameters can change quickly so that your
investment is in on a high risk.

Don't become blind by high profits on mining hardware

Book your free Zoom-consultation with the Miningexperts from Crypto
Supply to know more about your chances and risks so that you find the right and best way
to invest.

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