As stated in our terms of conditions based on §437 + §438 BGB Germany we are responsible for all sold hardware.

  • 24 months of warranty for new hardware
  • 12 months of warranty for used hardware

In total: Crypto Supply is responsible to repair your device in any problem.

Please keep in mind that in the first 6 months it is assumed that the defect already existed at the time of sale. After this period has expired, the customer must prove that the defect already existed at the time of sale.

The warranty expires once the device has been damaged by the customers side on purpose. This means:

  • inappropriate or improper use
  • modifications made to the device
  • immersion cooling use
  • custom firmwares
  • current surges and lightning strikes

Handling of repairs

Crypto Supply offers you different variants of repairs for your device:

Variant 1: Warranty repairs – the repair will be done without any fees and the customer will be informed about the approximiate time*.

Variant 2: Out of Warranty repairs – After a paid analysis about the occurring problem, the customer is notified with an evaluation about the occurring problems. Subsequently, the customer is provided with a quotation with the costs and the expected duration of the repair*.

Your device is defective and you want a repair? Contact our support team.

Our service staff will be happy to advise you whether a repair is worthwhile for you and how you can use your device properly again as quickly as possible with little effort. Please always include your order number. Defective items outside the guarantee period as well as self-inflicted damage are chargeable.

You will receive a cost estimate before the repair. You must agree or reject this in writing within 7 days.

*Crypto Supply GmbH has no influence to any shipping, customs and other problems that could be caused by third-party influences.

In any late case of repairs we will not be compensating in any type.