Top Crypto Wallets

There are different wallet options to choose from. And two ways they can get categorized. On one hand you have hardware, software and paper wallets. On the other hand, you can also divide the wallets into cold (offline) and hot (require internet connectivity) wallets. In the following, we want to give you a list of our top wallets. Maybe that will make it easier for you to make a decision.

 Our top Hardware wallets (cold): Digital Box, Keep Key, Ledger Nano, Ledger Nano S and Trezor

Our top Software Wallets (hot):

  • Desktop wallets: Exodus, Bitcoin core, Electrum, Jaxx’s Chrome Extension
  • Mobile wallets: Coinomi, Mycelium, Electrum
  • Web wallets:  Coinomi, Mycelium

Software-based or hot wallets are more accessible, convenient and user-friendly. But also, less secure and more risky.

Hardware or cold wallets are known for being safer because they are always offline. Which means it is less possible that they get hacked.

The use of paper wallets is known as obsolete and unreliable, as mentioned above.

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