The Deeper Network

The Deeper Network describes itself as the gateway and infrastructure for Web 3.0.
It is completely decentralized and combines blockchain, cyber security and sharing economy to create a peer-to-peer-network.
Its goal is it to provide a more secure, private and fair internet.

The deeper chain is a completely decentralized public blockchain. It stands out through high security, high efficiency and micro-energy consumption.

If you have a closer look, you can see that it is made out of two layers. The top one consists out of hundreds of validator nodes and is secured by credit scores of deeper devices. The more people involved in bandwidth sharing, the more secure the network will be. The second layer, also known as the bottom or deep layer consists of peer-to-peer connected Deeper devices. These devices earn token rewards by sharing their bandwidth with each other.

The Deeper Network price in the beginning of March is $0.09286 and its Market Cap $115,756,521.64.

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