Dash & Hardware

In October 2021 the Bitmain Antminer D7 was launched. It has a hash rate capability of 1.286 TH/s and an electrical efficiency output of 3148 Watts. This cryptocurrency mining hardware is known for being very profitable (up to USD$25,000 in the first year) though the energy consumption is pretty high. The price of this ASIC has been risen immensely since its release.

Reasons for that are low stock numbers, instant sold out, increased market value and mining profitability.

The used algorithm is the X11, which is most profitable for mining DASH coin. But miners could also use it for Hatch, Pura, Onix or Smartcoin.

Dash was released in 2014. In comparison to Bitcoin, DASH verifies transaction in two different ways -miners and master nodes. It is more focused on instant transactions, like using it for shopping smaller things too, like a sandwich or a coffee.

Dash’s market cap is currently around USD$206 a coin. The D7 could help it increase again. It is the most efficient and powerful ASIC miner with an X11 algorithm on the cryptocurrency market.