Reasons Bitcoin Mining is Profitable in 2021

Things like changing news and trends about cryptocurrencies and so many new currencies and platforms appearing on the market might make you wonder whether bitcoin mining is still profitable in 2021.

Here are some reason why we think it is:

1. Though it was literally a rollercoaster the last couple of years, Bitcoin is still the most stable, valuable, biggest and most popular decentralized cryptocurrency.

2. Mining equipment is more easily obtained.

3. Simple example: If you mined just one Bitcoin block in 2010, and you held onto it in your wallet, you would have had $450,000 worth of Bitcoin in 2020.

4. You can use web-based profitability calculators to check the cost-benefit equation.

5. In 2021 Bitcoin is still growing, and it is easy to observe the upward trend. Important fact here: it is becoming a trillion-dollar asset this year.

6. The ability as an individual of joining mining pools is a good reason too if you are worried about how to compete against mining mega centres, and it can put your personal profitability in reach.

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