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Miner Hosting


Please be aware that you have to own/buy the device yourself in order to host at us.


  • minimum contract length 12 months (cancellation within 4 weeks)
  • start of contract when mining begins
  • daily calculation of your contract

Step 1: Choose your Service Option

Basic Service – Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Premium Service – Monday to Sunday, 24 hours of Support

Step 2: Choose your ASIC-Miner Model

Step 3: Proceed with the payment & receive your individual contract within 48 hours to your E-Mail

Step 4: Please state your pool details in your E-Mail and send us your device.

!! Please check this video if this page does not answer all your questions !!

Why do we charge a service fee?

We will help you with all problems:

– Miner Restarts
– Config Changes
– Questions