Miner Hosting

What is miner hosting, and how can you benefit from it?

When you are considering getting in touch with miner hosting you will be able to host and store your servers (usually ASIC miners for Bitcoin) at a colocation centre. Depending on your budget and your needs you can choose from different facilities. Those colocation centres make sure that your server(s) is (are) set up properly while you can relax at home, and they make sure, that your device performs under the best conditions and at low electricity rates. You can use this service for your company or as an individual.

The servers are stored in data centres under ideal conditions, but can be accessed from somewhere else.

Servers can take a lot of space and can be very noisy. So it can be very convenient to store them somewhere else than in your house or company. It is also very safe. Crypto Supply (cryptosupply.de) has security cameras and staff on their mining farms and offers secured shipment to their data centre.

But not just the security aspect is a con when taking hosting into consideration. The colocation centres usually offer professional IT support and know how. Furthermore, some colocation centres also have a repair centre on-site, which can be really handy and comfortable for the client.

It is important that you know important details about your server beforehand. What are the power requirements, how much space does it need etc. That will make it easier for you to choose a miner hosting.

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