The technology company released a cryptocurrency (KDA) with a market cap of $1.61B.

Kadena is a start-up by the “Blockchain Centre for Excellence“, owned by JPMorgan. It started a hybrid blockchain platform, which is working as a connecting system between other networks. In the future, different blockchains shall be able to connect, get together and communicate through the Kadena network. It is promising high interoperability.

The public Kadena network is based on the programming language “Pact“ and is supporting the implementation of Smart Contracts. Along with Pact, the hybrid blockchain platform makes it possible to code complex Smart Contracts with Kadena tokens. This shall ensure smooth exchanges and transactions with other networks. For that reason, Kadena implemented the wallet Chainweaver.

Goldshell KD5 is a very powerful Kadena miner. With a hashrate up to 18TH/s and a power consumption ratio of 0.12W/G, it has a high performance and a low power consumption. It is also known for being very stable and secure.