Welcome at Crypto Supply

We are an innovative company and see ourselves as bridge builders to the technology of tomorrow. As the largest german retailer for mining hardware, we are available as a professional contact for both beginners and professionals. As a consultant and partner, we support you with our expertise in the implementation of your project.

Hosting Container


We started mining back in 2017 in our basement and fell in love with mining not long after. 2 years later, we started our business with modified shipping containers which we operated in russia. We did projects in Belgium, China, Russia and soon Switzerland. Now you can benefit from all the lessons we have learned on our journey.

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After many years of working in the world of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Mining in general we are able to offer you our help with almost all topics surrounding it. Our sales department is known for their wide knowledge about ASIC-miners. Crypto Supply aims to become your trusted partner, so its always customer first.

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Selling Miners

We have partnerships with almost all big manufacturers of ASIC-Miner Hardware around the world, this means we can offer you almost every model. We are an independant seller and will always tell you the best buy for your demand with an unbiased view.

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Technical Support

Our technicans are experts on their field. We have a highly specialised technical support team which is assisting our sales team in finding the best solutions for your project. We offer diagnostics, repair-services and technical consulting for your own mining farm.

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We have already held many workshops since our company first started. Crypto Supply has teached in universitys, schools and big companys. And so we also have covered many subjects starting from "How to buy bitcoin" to advanced use of the blockchain technology. Got something you are interrested in? Contact us!

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Presence at Fairs

Once you become an expert in this business you have to realised that you can only stay an expert when you are up-to-date. Crypto Supply sends employees to almost all relevant fairs every year, to collect the information presented there. So that we can consult our customers as best as possible.

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