A miner provides computing-power to the blockchain system of a cryptocurrency.

Basically, the miner ensures that every transaction made in the network is entered in

a distributed ledger. Every cryptocurrency has its own distributed ledger.

This means no user can fake transactions, since the information in the ledger can’t be changed afterwards. The information inside the ledger is public and can be viewed by everyone.

For this service, a miner receives a block reward in the respective cryptocurrency.

As the name implies the blockchain describes a chain of blocks.

Each block represents a record of all transactions made in the network of the currency. Depending on the cryptocurrency, all blocks have a constant fixed timeframe or the block timeframe varies dynamically.

This means, that the blockchain will continue to grow, as long as there are transactions being made with the corresponding cryptocurrency.

The acronym “ASIC” stands for “Application Specific Integrated Circuit”

ASIC Miners are highly specialized computers designed only for mining cryptocurrencies.

In most cases, an ASIC consists of multiple hashboards which house the ASIC-chips, passive heatsinks, and a control-board that collects data from the hashboards and connects the device to the internet.

Special high power fans are needed to ensure sufficient cooling, because the hashboards have a high power consumption and therefore a lot of heat builds up inside the case.

All you need is a miner, a sufficient electrical infrastructure and an stable internet connection via Ethernet cable.

ASIC-Miners are designed only for the mining process, so setting them up is also possible for inexperienced users.

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A precise answer cannot be given here. There are ASIC miners that have been actively used on the market for several years. A well-known example of this is the Bitmain Antminer S9 which released early 2017 and is still in use today. Also the operational conditions, maintenance and cleaning play a big role in keeping your miner healthy.

We highly suggest you to check the environment in which you plan to operate the device. A stable power connection with the correct frequency is mandatory. The hot air created by the miner needs to be dispersed, and the cool air needs to have a very low humidity.

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In a mining-pool, many miners join together to increase their chance of hitting a block reward. That is because if a block of the blockchain gets completed, the first miner with the correct hash-value gets the full block reward.

With combining your hashpower with others through a mining pool, you increase the probability to hit the correct-hash-value of the completed block and therefore allows a more constant cash-flow. The reward gets split between the participants of the mining-pool based on the hashrate they have provided to the mining pool.

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