Crypto Mining

There are two different ways to invest into cryptocurrency mining. On the one hand you have the private mining and on the other hand mining through a cloud. Each way of mining needs an e-wallet to save the generated cryptocurrency.

If you decide to go with private mining you will also need a specific software, which can perform the hash rate. It is pretty easy to install and set those up. You can also still use the CPU of your own private PC at home for mining cryptocurrency but looking at the economic factor of investing, it is not recommended. A way more efficient way – 100 times more efficient and seven times faster – is using ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). But even that does not always seem profitable if you compare it to mining through a cloud.

If you choose to go with mining through a cloud and save yourself the effort of doing it from your private home, you have the possibility to rent hash rates from a cloud mining service. Meanwhile there are existing thousands of different services and providers that sometimes even run whole mining farms. You can sign up for different cryptocurrencies directly through their websites. The costs vary a lot, depending on the service.

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