Our company values ​​transparency and honesty

As a business customer, you can benefit from our many years of
experience in the operation of mining farms. We have started our journey
with a small mining-farm in our basement in the year 2017.

5 years later we are operating over 1500 devices with our partner in several countries. You can benefit from the experience we have gained in these years.

We now offer professional and comprehensive consulting for your mining-farm.

Our service covers the following topics:

Project analysis

o Feedback on your planned project

o Quantified suggestions for alternatives

o Creation of an improvement concept

Technical consulting for the construction of a mining farm

o Network technology

o Power infrastructure

o Cooling or ventilation concepts

Consulting for the operation of a mining farm

o Software / Monitoring

o Automation

o Redundancy

As the first major German company in the world of mining, we have been able to establish countless valuable contacts in this field.
That’s why we are also able to provide you with capacities worldwide and give you the right partners to make your mining farm a success!

Contact us today for a free initial consultation!