Purchasing Bitcoin in person was never so easy!

At the Cryptomats you can buy Bitcoins securely and cheaply using the CPI wallet app. The machines are easy to use and accept EURO banknotes. The purchased Bitcoins are transferred to your CPI mobile app. At the moment Bitcoin is the only coin available, but there are more to be added.

All you need to do is follow is these three Steps:

  • Download the CPI Wallet app for Android and iOS and register your account
  • Scan the QR-Code from the ATM with the CPI Wallet app
  • Purchase Bitcoin

The app is based on the software of the successful Tatoshi Wallet, which is a decentralized self storage solution without the risk of losing your private key and the related Bitcoins. With the app you can store recovery data with your friends and families. If you lose your phone and private key, you can easily recover it with the help of your friends. Involving your friends to protect you from loss is called social recovery.

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