ASIC Miner Equipment

If you are owning an ASIC-miner (application-specific integrated circuit) you might be interested in getting some good equipment, accessories, attachments and spare parts. An ASIC-miner is a device that is designed for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrency. has you covered for that.

On our website you will find Fans (6,5’’-6 Pin RUIZHAN, 6.5” 4-Pin RUIZHAN), Power Cord Plugs (Europe IEC320/C19, Europe CEE 7/7 C13) or Coolers (7,6”-Pin Whatsminer).

High quality equipment for your device can help you get better results and takes care of your precious miner. For example, the fans offer hassle-free installation and are compatible with a wide range of ASIC-miners.

If you do not want to take care about any of your devices at home, check out our ASIC-Miner hosting solution.

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