About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency. Mostly called cryptocurrency.

It can be used to purchase products and services and do financial transactions. Bitcoins are protected and stored in digital wallets (mobile apps on smartphones or computer programs).

If you send or receive bitcoins, it is recorded in a public list, the blockchain.

Bitcoin Mining
Furthermore there is the possibility to do bitcoin mining. In this scenario it is possible to earn cryptocurrency without paying money for it. Bitcoin miners receive Bitcoin as a reward for completing “blocks” of verified transactions which are added to the blockchain. In other words, it is the process of creating new bitcoin by solving a computational puzzle, which is so complex that it is performed by high-powered computers.

Mining Hardware
We want to introduce you to some mining hardware.
A well known ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) -which means, it is a device that is designed for the sole purpose of mining and constructed to mine one specific cryptocurrency- the hardware series is Antminer, which is highly recommended for mining cryptocurrencies. It is well known in the blockchain community. Interesting products:

• BITMAIN Antminer S19 Pro
• CANAAN AvalonMiner 1246

Miner Hosting
When you host your servers, you basically use the colocation center to host your ASIC miners. You can send your miners to our centres, and we will set them up, and get them working. We also take care of the maintenance.

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